Terms and conditions


       We recommend that you read these "Terms and Conditions" before using the pariurimaraton.ro.ro Services and makesure that you fully understand their meaning. These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement (the "Agreement") between the parties. The Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relations between Pariurimaraton.ro and the User. 

  By using the services of Pariurimaraton.ro, you express your agreement regarding the "Terms and Conditions" section and accept without any other conditions that this will apply in your case. By accepting these terms and conditions, you declare that you have read their content and that your rights and obligations have been brought to your attention. 

  If the User does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, he must immediately stop using our Services. Any other conduct confirms the agreement regarding the "Terms and Conditions". 

  Definitions of terms and other contractual notions 

  Within the framework of this contract, the following words and terms will have the meaning explained below, with the exception of cases where another meaning is evident from the context and will regulate the conduct of the use of the site for the User. 

  Account: an account created on Pariurimaraton.ro or on partner sites (depending on the context) 

  Agreement: these terms and conditions 

  Contest regulations: the rules of each individual contest held by Pariurimaraton.ro, which are supplemented each time with the present terms and conditions. 

  Partner/partners: third parties, generally casinos, with whom Pariurimaraton.ro collaborates for promotions and bonuses delivered to the user. 

  Pariurimaraton.ro, we, ours, to us: The Pariurimaraton.ro website is owned by Tipser Media Limited, a Gibraltar commercial company registered under no. 123551, holder of the affiliate license obtained by the Decision 1845 / 12.09.2023 issued by ONJN.


Content: Everything found on the Pariurimaraton.ro website or on other communication channels (Facebook,YouTube, google etc.), including, but not limited to, software, data,applications, information, text, photos, music , sounds, clips, graphics,logos, symbols, illustrations or any other material or moving image 

  Username and Password: Username and password chosen at the time of registration on Pariurimaraton.ro. 

  User: Any person or software that has anassociated account and that uses the Services. 

  Giveaway: any contest or draw made through the pariurimaraton.ro website, through a random function or integrated application; 

  Representatives: Representatives, directors, agents or employees of the Pariurimaraton.ro site. 

    Service or Services: Pariurimaraton.ro offersits user’s information on sports betting and other casino games, articles inthe field, contests with prizes, online video materials, promotions and advertisements of authorized betting houses in Romania. The services include the content owned by Pariurimaraton.ro.  

1.Accepting the terms and conditions   

1. By accessing Pariurimaraton.ro, the user accepts without reservation these Terms and Conditions. 

2. The agreement applies to the use of our Services and comes into effect from the moment of the first access to the Pariurimaraton.ro website. By accessing the site p Pariurimaraton.ro, the userguarantees that he is of legal age to participate in gambling (18 years). 

3. By using the services, the user agrees with the "Terms and Conditions". Any modification of the "Terms and Conditions" will be notified and accepted by the user.

4. The user cannot ask to be exempted from any changes to the terms and conditions. The new provisions being mandatory of a general nature for all users, from the date on which their communication was made. 

5. The user who accesses the Pariurimaraton.ro site after the communication of the new terms will fully comply with them and cannot plead ignorance of them. 

6. Any right not granted in these Terms and Conditions is considered to be reserved. 

  7. If you do not fully agree with these Terms and Conditions, you will have to stop using Pariurimaraton.ro services. 


2. Intellectual property rights 

  All rights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights on any material or content on the Pariurimaraton.ro website or on other communication channels ("Content") belong to us or have been provided to us for our benefit by the rightful owners. All rights are reserved. 

  In particular, with regard to the content regardless of its structure, the User is prohibited from engaging in the prohibited activities listed below (called generically, "Prohibited Actions"):  

The transfer to other sources, the direct or indirect sale, the provision and retransmission of certain rights or the content, or fractions of the content; 

Changing, attempting to defraud, defrauding, editing, modifying, adapting or restructuring of any kind; 

Copying, distributing or attempting to access the source code of the content for any purpose; 

The use of our sites for any purpose contrary to the law or that could cause illegal, prohibited, immoral or degrading actions, or the violation of these Terms and Conditions, in any form. 

In the event that the User commits an "Unauthorized Action", he will be considered fully responsible for all damages, costs and expenses arising from the commission of such an action. 

3. User obligations 

1. To be informed about the rules and terms of Pariurimaraton.ro 

2. To comply with the terms and conditions under the penalty of banning access to the site or, depending on the severity, with the consequence of applying the legal provisions in force. 

3. Not to make abusive, harassing or violent statements, with content that invokes violence or that can be considered provocative, sexist, obscene, pornographic, racist, offensive or morally reprehensible. 

4. Not to insult, harass, threaten, intimidate, embarrass or make slanderous statements against other users. 

5. To respect the privacy and private life of other Pariurimaraton.ro users and not to harm their image or patrimony. 

6. Not to distribute false or fabricated information about Pariurimaraton.ro, about the activity of the site, about the administrators and the way of working, compliance with the laws, the opinions or the position that Pariurimaraton.ro or its representatives take on current issues, including those media coverage. 

7. Not to act as a representative of Pariurimaraton.ro or of an affiliated or partner company of Pariurimaraton.ro in relations with third parties. 

8. Not to use images, photographs, graphics, video materials, audio, sounds, texts, brand names, titles, names, software or any legally protected content without the consent of the owners of copyright or related rights, without legal or conventional right. 

9. Not to use the image, content, logo, name, address of Pariurimaraton.ro or any other object of intellectual property rights owned by Pariurimaraton.ro for personal, commercial or non-commercial purposes, without the written and express consent of the administrators of Pariurimaraton. ro. 


10. Not to abuse the programming errors that could allow additional rights, access to privileged information or any other information, about users or about Pariurimaraton.ro. 

11. Not to undertake actions that lead to server overload and/or may negatively affect the normal use of the website by users. 

12. Not to upload files containing viruses,Trojans or destroyed data to the website. 

13. Not to use macro software or other cheating software. 

14. Not to use programs that allow "data mining" or that intercept or collect in any way information related to Pariurimaraton.ro, users, or information presented on Pariurimaraton.ro, of any nature. 

15. Not to undertake actions of the nature of interrupting transmissions to and from Pariurimaraton.ro servers. 

16. Not to infiltrate, in any way and for any purpose, Pariurimaraton.ro servers. 

17. To use Pariurimaraton.ro only through regular web browsers. Any other use, through other programs, scripts or other helpful tools, is prohibited. 

18. To respect the particular rules of the site. 

19. Not to use the communication platform offered by Pariurimaraton.ro to promote products, services, any type of advertisement. 

20. Not to harass, assault, insult, address slanderous statements to other users, to instigate the commission of illegal acts. The user is responsible for the content of these communications, and Pariurimaraton.ro does not assume responsibility for the information exchanged by users through this platform. 

21. Not to disclose the username and password assigned to third parties and to ensure the confidentiality of this data. For security reasons, the user is encouraged to regularly change his password to protect his account. When the user does not ensure the confidentiality of this data and his account is used by third parties who came into possession of this information, it will be assumed that the user himself acted through his account. The user can prove that he is not responsible for the respective access and that he has fulfilled his obligations regarding the confidentiality of the account access information. 

22. To read the e-mails received from Pariurimaraton.ro, their content often having particular importance for the activity on the website. 

23. Not to choose a username that can be considered offensive or insulting or that can harm public morals. 

24. Not to violate the subjective rights of third parties or other users through the content of posts on the forum or portal. 

25. Not to contact other users by any means in order to attract them to the services of a website with similar content, or in order to determine them not to use the services offered by Pariurimaraton.ro. 

  4. The obligations of Pariurimaraton.ro 

1. We undertake to provide users with access to the Pariurimaraton.ro portal, with the exception of situations in which due to cases of force majeure or other unforeseen events that cannot be qualified as force majeure but which, due to their specificity, affect the use of the site of Pariurimaraton.ro and its operation is disrupted. 

2. To sanction violations of these terms and to promote a civilized, pleasant and professional social environment. 

3. Pariurimaraton.ro has the right to use programs, scripts and other helpful tools to detect violations of the contractual obligations assumed by users and to identify them if it considers that a user is acting in violation of his obligations.

5.Defects of the website 

1. Pariurimaraton.ro ensures the use of the website by users in the existing version at the time of use. The user has the right to file complaints and to warn Pariurimaraton.ro about the existence of malfunctions. Instead, the user does not have the right to request that a certain functionality be implemented, maintained or modified. 

2. The user is advised to adequately test any defects that occur during the use of any Pariurimaraton.ro services and to report them, providing all the information at his disposal and all the evidence he has, in order to facilitate the remedy of the defect. 

3. For any complaints, users will address in writing, by e-mail, to the addresses provided in the contact section, any other complaints not being taken into account. 

4. Pariurimaraton.ro does not assume any guarantee for the proper functioning of the portal. 

6. The responsibility of Pariurimaraton.ro 

1. In the activity carried out, Pariurimaraton.ro does not assume responsibility for the posting of inaccurateinformation on the website, all posts being for informational purposes. Any mistake can be reported to the portal administration, but Pariurimaraton.ro will not be responsible for the subsequent use of this information by users. 

2. Pariurimaraton.ro does not offer any guarantee that: the service will be provided uninterruptedly, on time, securely or without errors any program error will be corrected the service will be compatible with the platform or software applications that the user uses the service or server it provides to the user is free of viruses or other components that could harm users and cannot be held responsible for damages caused by them 

3. Pariurimaraton.ro does not organize or host online gambling 

4. Pariurimaraton.ro does not charge a fee for accessing the informational content and does not guarantee that following the instructions provided by the website or by other users will bring success to the user in the activities he undertakes. Compliance with the presented methods and recommendations is statistically useful for those who want to be informed, but Pariurimaraton.ro does not guarantee obtaining a profit or improving the activities carried out. 

5. The user is responsible for any damage caused to the personal computer from which the service is accessed or for other data losses that may result from downloading any materials. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained from the website is used only at the user's own risk. 

6. Pariurimaraton.ro is not responsible for damages caused as a result of the non-functioning or incorrect functioning of the portal, or for the impossibility of honoring certain Services. 

7. Pariurimaraton.ro does not undertake to offer personalized content or individual services to its users. 

8. Pariurimaraton.ro makes reference in the content of the website to a series of gambling operators. Pariurimaraton.ro does not assume responsibility for the services offered by these operators as well as for any damages arising from the relationships between them and cannot be obliged to pay compensation. 

9. The user is responsible for all damages caused by using Pariurimaraton.ro services, as well as for all damages for which Pariurimaraton.ro becomes liable as a result of an action by the user. 

10. When Pariurimaraton.ro makes reference in the content of the portal to other websites, Pariurimaraton.ro does not assume responsibility for their content. Pariurimaraton.ro has no control over the content presented by these websites and cannot influence their activity, therefore any form of responsibility for their content is excluded. Pariurimaraton.ro does not relate to other websites that present immoral, obscene, dangerous, contrary to public morals or that cannot be socially accepted content. If the user finds such statements or information in the content of the websites recommended by Pariurimaraton.ro, he will inform Pariurimaraton.ro as soon as possible. 

7. Data protection and advertising 

1. Pariurimaraton.ro will use all the user's personal data confidentially and in accordance with the regulations in force at the national level. 

2. Pariurimaraton.ro stores and processes the e-mail address and it will only be used for commercial and marketing purposes. 

3. At the end of the contests or promotions for which the e-mail address was provided, Pariurimaraton.ro maintains the right to continue to inform the user about news through his e-mail address. The user has the possibility to refuse to view other information on that e-mail address, a possibility that will be made available to him in every e-mail sent by Pariurimaraton.ro, according to the legislation in force. 

4. Pariurimaraton.ro is mostly financed by advertising. That is why Pariurimaraton.ro may allow subsidiaries or associated companies to contact users for advertising purposes. If the user does not object, his data can be used to send the user advertisements that reflect his interests (based on the information he submitted to Pariurimaraton.ro and his actions on the forum). The user can withdraw his consent at any time by email. The user will have the possibility, in each advertising message sent by Pariurimaraton.ro, to refuse the transmission of such messages in the future. 

5. Under certain circumstances, Pariurimaraton.ro may be obliged to disclose the user's personal data to a third party. Pariurimaraton.ro assures users that in this situation it will do everything possible to ensure that the data remains private, the exceptional situations being: protecting the personal safety of a member of the Pariurimaraton.ro team, the legal obligation to provide the data it holds to judicial bodies in carrying out the investigations they carry out. 

6. When deleting the account, we reserve the right to keep all the information provided by the User on the site over time by assigning them to a new User account with a name, password and email address different from those of the User of the respective account. 

7. To delete your account and data, send us an email to one of the addresses in the support section and we will delete your account within the legal term.  

8.Final Provisions 

Pariurimaraton.ro is subject to the laws of Romania and although it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, Pariurimaraton.ro does not assume responsibility for the conflict of qualification or resolution with foreign legal norms. 

1. All the content presented on Pariurimaraton.ro is protected by copyright and the unauthorized use of any article, post, mention, advertisement, image or any other element that is the subject of these rights represents a violation of copyright, sanctioned according to the Law 8/1996. 

2. We reserve the right to edit, modify, suspend, cancel or eliminate promotions or the Pariurimaraton.ro website, including their content (which could include your content), at any time, without notifying you, and for any reason, this may include, among others, the cancellation of your access to these services as a result of the violation of any of these clauses. In this case, Pariurimaraton.ro has no obligation to provide the user with any copy of any content he has uploaded up to that date. 

3. These clauses are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the provisions of Romanian law and you hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts on the territory of Romania. 

4. If you have any general questions about the current terms, please contact us at the address provided in the support section. 

5. Pariurimaraton.ro does not support or recommend irresponsible participation in gambling. In order to protect the user, minors are not allowed access to the website and the forum. If gambling has become a problem for your life and negatively affects your private life, you can visit http://jocresponsable.ro to take the first step towards remedying these difficulties.